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Get Expert Eyes on Non-Compete Agreements, Separation Agreements & More

As you start—or leave—a professional, executive or senior government job, you want confidence that the employment contracts and documents you’re signing protect your rights, interests and future.

When you reach senior levels in any industry or profession, the fine print becomes much more complex and consequential.

Get the highly experienced employment contract lawyers from Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal (HNB) to review your employment documents and ensure everything is executed with real forethought.

  • Talk to an employment lawyer as soon as you’re given a document to review and sign.
  • You often face tight deadlines to sign agreements.
  • With a quick review, you can decide whether to sign or have the language changed.

HNB is one of the most respected law firms serving the interests of individual people in Ohio. Our attorneys continue a legacy built over more than 40 years in the Ohio legal profession.

We handle a wide variety of employment law issues.

From offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton, we’ve successfully represented clients in employment matters throughout the state of Ohio.

“Helping me, that’s HNB.”

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    Types of Employment Contracts You Can Get HNB to Review

    These are some of the most likely employment documents you may encounter when taking on a new role, or leaving a role.

    The HNB employment contract lawyers are thoroughly familiar with these documents and what they should, and should not, contain:

    • Initial Contracts of Employment
    • Non-Compete Agreements
    • Separation Agreements
    • Severance Agreements
    • Non-Solicitation Agreements
    • Change In Control Agreements
    • Stock Option Agreements

    All of these documents are legally binding, but initial drafts you may be handed can include clauses that aren’t enforceable because they run counter to state or federal employment laws.

    HNB employment lawyers can clear your documents of unenforceable provisions—and also guide you if you already signed such a contract.

    Whether it’s the terms of your employment in the first place (employment contracts), protections for an executive position when a company is sold or merged (change in control agreements), the rules governing your ability to solicit business from clients or colleagues after you leave (non-solicitation agreements), or arrangements for your stock options—HNB can reinforce your position.

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    Special Consideration for Separation Agreements and Severance Agreements

    Severance agreements focus on the compensation you receive as you depart.

    Separation agreements typically include non-monetary terms such as providing references for you after you leave the company or organization, adjusting non-compete agreements or other contractual changes.

    They are closely related, or can be one and the same.

    For separation and severance agreements, HNB employment lawyers do much more than study the paperwork. We also guide the process on your behalf:

    • Briefing you on Ohio severance pay laws and how they work
    • Analyzing and explaining what is in your severance package
    • Negotiating for changes in your severance package
    • Negotiating for a neutral reference even if your employer isn’t separating with you under entirely amicable terms

    An attorney can protect additional rights you have in the separation process.

    For example, the federal “Older Worker Benefit Protection Act” requires that anybody over 40 years old must get 21 days to review a severance agreement.

    If your employer doesn’t allow you this time, they have violated the law.

    When it’s time to secure your employment or separation arrangements, let our attorneys help you take the right steps to get the most beneficial results for you.

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