Do I Need a Foreclosure Attorney?

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Do I Need a Foreclosure Attorney?

It’s disorienting and distressing to have your mortgage lender try to foreclose on your home.

If you’re wondering whether you need a foreclosure defense lawyer, you should probably at least get a consultation.

When you have an attorney look at the details of your situation, you can discover options you didn’t know you had and ways to move forward with your life.

The foreclosure process itself is also excruciating. With a lawyer by your side, you can feel more confident that you’re doing everything possible to protect your rights.

Don’t wait too long. If the foreclosure process reaches an advanced stage, you could lose options to defend yourself and your home.

Call the attorneys at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal. Our law firm doesn’t represent big banks. We represent hard-working Ohio homeowners.

All you need to know is this: “Helping me, that’s HNB.”

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Reasons to Work with a Foreclosure Attorney

If any of these situations sound familiar, getting a foreclosure defense attorney may be your best decision:

  • The loan servicer didn’t follow proper legal procedures. Mortgage companies must follow federal laws on fair lending practices. If they don’t, you could pursue a federal claim against them to stop the foreclosure. Having a lawyer may be your best chance to discover that your lender violated the law.
  • The bank can’t prove it owns your loan.  Mortgage loans are often bundled and turned into investments or transferred to other financial institutions. This can make determining who actually owns the mortgage extremely difficult. Our attorneys can help you build a strong case against foreclosure when the bank can’t prove that it owns your loan.
  • Your loan servicer made a serious error with your account. Companies that collect your mortgage payments often make mistakes. Examples include misapplying funds, failing to credit payments to the account, or charging unreasonable and nonallowable fees. Our lawyers can review your payment history and identify account errors that can save your home.
  • You want a loan modification. One of the best options for keeping your home is getting a loan modification. But sometimes, banks play games with you. They tell you they’re processing your loan modification while secretly moving forward with foreclosure. By the time they deny your loan changes, you discover your other options for saving your home are fading fast. An attorney knows the tactics banks use and how to protect against them.

HNB can evaluate your situation and give you an honest assessment of your options for free.

Get My Free Case Review  Get My Free Case Review 
A woman, looking weary, studies some papers and a calculator. An experienced foreclosure defense attorney like those at HNB can help you find legal recourse against foreclosure.

An experienced foreclosure defense attorney like those at HNB can help you find legal recourse against foreclosure.

What if You Can’t Avoid Foreclosure?

Even when you know you’re far behind on your mortgage and you don’t think you have a strong defense against foreclosure, you can benefit from getting a lawyer.

An attorney can help you work your way through the foreclosure process with minimal financial damage.

You have a right to remain in your home until the foreclosure is complete. An attorney can help you maximize the time you have before you move out.

With a lawyer’s help, you also can avoid having to pay for shortfalls in your property’s value, letting you walk away from the house.

A lawyer can help you with solutions like cash-for-keys arrangements, short sales, or a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Strategies like these help you avoid the long-term consequences of bankruptcy.

We want to help you build a better financial future.

You don’t have to juggle all these difficult choices and figure out everything on your own. Get support from HNB.

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A couple sits across a glass table from a man in professional dress. An HNB attorney can help you determine what methods will get you beyond your foreclosure as painlessly as possible.

An HNB attorney can help you determine what methods will get you beyond your foreclosure as painlessly as possible.

Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal can handle your case by phone. Stay home and safe.

As an essential service, we are still open and conducting business for both new and existing clients by phone, email, and mail whenever possible.

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