How Do I Stop a Foreclosure?

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How Do I Stop a Foreclosure?

Your bank wants you to think there’s nothing you can do about their decision to foreclose on your home. You just have to accept it.

That’s not true.

You have rights, and you may have a chance to stop a foreclosure, stay in your home, and put this nightmare behind you.

Several methods are available for fighting a foreclosure action.

But foreclosure is a highly specific and complicated area of the law. Your best decision could be getting a foreclosure defense lawyer who knows how to identify the options that might work for you.

For a matter as important as your home and financial future, don’t leave anything to chance. A foreclosure attorney from Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal can make sure you don’t make mistakes that damage your prospects.

Our law firm doesn’t represent big banks. We represent hard-working Ohio homeowners.

All you need to know is this: “Helping me, that’s HNB.”

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Methods for Stopping a Foreclosure

These are some of the ways you could keep your home even after falling behind on your mortgage and facing a foreclosure action from your lender:

  • Loan Modification: Sometimes you can get the lender to agree to new terms on your home loan—like a new interest rate or changing the repayment period—making it affordable for you to continue living there and paying your mortgage. You should know, however, that this process takes time.
  • Federal Claims: If your lender or mortgage servicer violated a federal law in their handling of your account—for example, in the kinds of information they’re legally supposed to share with you—that could give you an opening to stop the foreclosure. You need a lawyer who knows what to look for.
  • Bankruptcy: A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can end a foreclosure, but it can be expensive and damaging to your long-term credit.
  • Loan Reinstatement: With this approach, youpay off your missed bills and get the lender to resume normal treatment of your mortgage. 
  • Mortgage Servicer Errors: If the company that processes your mortgage payments made mistakes, even clerical errors, in crediting payments or imposing fees, a lawyer can use that issue to fight the foreclosure.
  • Mortgage Ownership Confusion:Mortgages get bought and sold by different banks, bundled with other mortgages and turned into investments, which can create uncertainty about who owns your mortgage. You can use that to stop a foreclosure.
  • State Law Violations:States have their own laws to prevent wrongful foreclosures. Finding that a lender violated a state procedure can help you save your home.

HNB can evaluate your situation and give you an honest assessment of your options for free.

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A couple sits on their couch, hands on their chins. Talk to HNB attorneys to learn how to stop a foreclosure.

Talk to HNB attorneys to learn how to stop a home foreclosure

What to Do When You Can’t Stop a Foreclosure

Don’t trust any lawyer who guarantees they will stop the foreclosure. Sometimes, you can’t.

Sometimes, you’d rather walk away than keep dealing with the house.

That doesn’t mean you stop fighting for the best possible outcome.

You still want to get through the foreclosure with as little damage as possible to your financial future.

Some plans allow you to get out of this difficult situation without having to pay much more, such as these options:

It can be less expensive for banks to let you out of your mortgage and end the foreclosure now rather than continuing to pursue the usual, complicated foreclosure process.

You don’t have to juggle all these difficult choices and figure out everything on your own. Get support from HNB.

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A couple stands at a dining room table, looking at a paper held by a woman in suit. If you can’t stop a foreclosure, HNB attorneys can share strategies for moving past the foreclosure.

If you can’t stop a foreclosure, HNB attorneys can share strategies for moving past the foreclosure.

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