What Do Workers’ Comp Benefits Pay For?

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Financial Support to Maintain Your Life

When you get hurt at work, or you develop an illness because of harmful conditions at work, you need—and deserve—support.

All you did was show up every day and work hard. Now you’re stuck with new medical costs. If you can’t work, you’re losing the income you relied on to live. You feel vulnerable.

But if you’re an employee in Ohio, support is available.

Situations like yours are the reason workers’ compensation was invented. These benefits can make a major difference for you, letting you maintain the life you’ve known while you focus on your health.

But you may wonder, what do workers’ comp benefits pay for?

The attorneys at Horensten, Nicholson and Blumenthal spell out the benefits below.

We strive to be a source of helpful information—and a source of real help—for Ohio workers struggling with injuries and hard times.

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    What You Get with Workers’ Comp

    In Ohio, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) oversees benefits for people injured on the job.

    Most employers get their coverage through the BWC. Some set aside money to insure themselves. But just about all employers with at least one employee must carry workers’ comp.

    Getting hurt on the job gives you access to these benefits:

    • Payment for lost wages:Equaling 72 percent of your pay in the first 12 weeks missing work and 66 percent after that
    • Medical costs covered:Including doctor visits, treatment from other health-care providers and medications
    • Vocational rehabilitation:Help reorienting you to a new job if needed
    • Wage-reduction compensation:Payment to soften any income drop you experience when returning to work after an injury.
    • Permanent partial disability: Compensation for long-term effects of your injury.
    • Permanenttotal disability: Lifelong payment when you can’t work again

    Getting this financial support can keep you afloat after a  job injury  suddenly alters your life.

    Workers’ comp was created to give you fast access to medical treatment and monetary help while protecting your employer from getting sued. It doesn’t consider whether anyone was at fault.

    One situation, however, lets you file a personal injury lawsuit to seek additional payment beyond workers’ comp: When someone outside your employer caused the accident.

    A lawyer can evaluate your case to make sure you get every one of the above benefits that applies to you—and to determine if you also have a personal injury claim.

    The HNB law firm can provide this evaluation for free.

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    Workers’ comp benefits cover medical bills, lost wages, job counseling and more.

    How Do I Get Workers’ Comp Benefits?

    As soon as you realize your job has damaged your health, you should get medical treatment and start a workers’ comp claim.

    These are some key points to know:

    Your lawyer can do several things for you, including making sure forms get filed properly, deadlines get met, and your claim is handled correctly so a mistake doesn’t threaten or delay the benefits you deserve.


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