How to Get the Most Money from a Car Accident

Don’t Let the Insurance Company Take Advantage of You

You wish you could rewind that day, take another route, and avoid this whole mess entirely.

If you’ve been in a car accident, you know how it can wreck your life. Even when the accident isn’t your fault, you can end up with a financial burden you wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Medical bills, car repairs. What if you can’t work? The implications get scary. You didn’t ask for this to happen. And now you’re dealing with the consequences.

It’s why you need—and should receive—compensation to get your life back on steady ground.

You might add up your costs and wonder—how much can I get in a settlement?

At Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal, we have decades of experience getting the maximum compensation after car accidents for hardworking Ohioans like you. We know how the system works. Most importantly, we know how to handle insurance companies that try to stiff you.

We don’t work for insurance companies. Our goal is for you to say, “Helping me, that’s HNB.”

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    5 Steps to a Stronger Personal Injury Claim after a Car Accident

    No. 1: Report Your Injuries Immediately

    This is more important than anything: Make sure you’ve documented your injuries thoroughly. If you can prove the nature and severity of your ailments, you’ll be able to demand more after a car or truck accident.

    It’s also important to avoid exaggerating your injuries. If a doctor finds your ailment isn’t as bad as you said, the insurance company can seize on that to lower your dollar amount.

    No. 2: Take Pictures of the Accident Scene

    If you’re able, take pictures of the scene as soon as possible after your car accident. Photographic evidence goes a long way in showing how bad your wreck really was.

    Cell phones these days make it easy to document the scene clearly. If you do, you’ll be in a better position to negotiate your settlement.

    No. 3: Keep a Diary of Your Injuries and Symptoms

    Often, injuries will flare up in the days and weeks after the accident happens. To prove it, you’ll need medical evidence and a personal record of how your symptoms have changed.

    A great way to do this is keeping a simple diary. Write about how you’re feeling each day in the time after the accident.

    No. 4: Get Contact Info of Any Witnesses

    If there are any witnesses to your accident, try to get their contact information after they speak with police. Having someone confirm your description of the accident is valuable for proving that you deserve all the compensation you seek.

    No. 5: Keep Your Doctor’s Appointments

    You must get appropriate and consistent treatment after your accident to show how legitimate your injuries are.

    We see people who miss appointments or refuse regular treatment getting less money.

    The logic? The insurance company will say if you received regular treatment, your injuries would have healed better, so you don’t deserve to get as much.

    Don’t give them that opening.

    The Ohio car accident lawyers at HNB can evaluate your situation for free and help you put together the strongest possible personal injury case.

    And remember: you don’t pay any attorney fees until you win.

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    One More Step: Get an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

    We know this sounds like a lot. Honestly, dealing with the aftermath of a car or truck accident can be a real burden.

    If you’re suffering after an accident, you shouldn’t have to worry about money. That part should be taken care of. And yet, here you are, trying to right a bad situation that wasn’t your fault.

    A personal injury attorney who’s compassionate to you but tough with insurance companies can ease your burden. Let someone who deals with this kind of negotiation every day fight for your rights.

    It’s what you deserve.

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