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What to Do When Homeowner’s Insurance Denies Your Claim

You paid thousands of dollars in homeowner’s insurance premiums over the years to keep one of your largest investments, and the place where you center your life—your home—in good condition after severe weather or other disasters cause damage.

Then the homeowner’s insurance company denies your claim—or offers far less than the repairs will cost.

It’s infuriating. But it’s not over.

The homeowner’s insurer may not be telling you everything that your policy covers. They make money, after all, by paying out less than they collect in premiums. They’ll protect their own profits above your interests.

They’ll put you up against their employees and attorneys. But if you’ve got your own homeowner’s insurance claim lawyer, you can push back.

You can still get fair payment that lets you recover your daily life, protects your home’s value, and frees you to move forward after a setback.

This is when you should call a home insurance lawyer:

  • As soon as possible after you get a denial from the insurance company
  • As soon as you get any hint that the insurance company is delaying or might deny your claim

Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal has experienced homeowner’s insurance attorneys protecting the rights of families in Ohio. For over 40 years, we’ve helped thousands of people recover from economic losses, securing millions in settlements and benefits.

If your home insurance claim is denied, you can get our lawyers on your case for no up-front cost. You only pay your homeowner’s insurance lawyer when you win a settlement.

With offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton, we help people anywhere in Ohio. Our clients know our reputation: “Helping me, that’s HNB.”

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    How to Fight a Denied Homeowner’s Insurance Claim with Help from a Lawyer

    So what does a homeowner’s insurance lawyer do for your claim beyond what you can do yourself?

    First off, once you have a home insurance claim denied, we’ll likely file a lawsuit. That’s our primary avenue to protest the claim denial. And it forces them to pay attention.

    Here’s a sample of what a homeowner’s insurance claim lawyer does on your case:

    • Analyzes your insurance policy documents to determine what you’re truly entitled to receive
    • Corrects minor errors in your claim, which insurance companies seize on to deny you
    • Gathers evidence about the incident that damaged your home
    • Documents the condition of your home
    • Coordinates with your contractor to get information on the scope of repairs
    • Helps clarify the value of the amount of damage

    You might be surprised how much is covered that the insurance company won’t admit.

    Insurance documents are complex, sometimes 100 pages or more. You can be forgiven for not understanding all of it. Unless you’re a professional dealing with insurance issues regularly, you may miss crucial details.

    Your HNB home insurance lawyer knows what to look for.

    Insurance companies may misrepresent what’s in your policy. They may slow-walk your claim hoping that you give up. They may offer you an inadequate settlement amount.

    Don’t sign anything. Contact us. We don’t charge to look at your situation and see if there’s more you can do.

    For contractors: If you’re dealing with an uncooperative insurance company for a homeowner who hired you, feel free to reach out to HNB, too.

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    Was Your Home Insurance Claim Denied? What Kinds of Damage Are Covered?

    Some forms of damage to your house are obviously covered by insurance, like tornadoes and fires.

    You may not realize everything that could be covered, including:

    • Burst pipes causing water damage
    • Electrical and wiring failure
    • Hail damage
    • Ice and other winter storm damage
    • Overflowing sump pumps
    • Termite and other pest damage
    • Theft
    • Trees falling on buildings and fencing
    • Vandalism or any damage caused by other people
    • Wind and weather damage of many types

    Roof and siding damage are some of the biggest and most common problems that result when your house takes a beating from outside conditions. Fence damage can also be covered by homeowner’s insurance.

    Floods resulting from weather conditions are covered under a separate kind of insurance, but so many things that can go wrong with your house are covered by homeowner’s policies.

    You might put more money and time into maintaining your home than any other asset you have.

    You like to stay on top of any damage or deterioration. And for good reason. Your home is a key piece of your long-term financial plans. It’s also where you and your family expect to feel safe and secure.

    Severe damage to your home upends your life. Get a homeowner’s insurance claim denial attorney from HNB to help you take a broken situation and set things right again.

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