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It’s Your Country’s Turn to Support You. Go After the Benefits You Deserve.

You risked your health and safety to serve our country. All of America should be grateful.

If your time in the military left you with lasting physical or mental health conditions, you deserve the lasting support of our government. Veterans’ disability compensation can make a difference in your life.

But does your disability rating from the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) truly reflect what you need?

If not, the veterans’ disability lawyers at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal want to help—so you get the financial resources you’ve earned to lead a secure life after your service.

Helping veterans means more to us than just doing a job. Stephanie Dobson, a retired veterans’ disability attorney at HNB Law, served 10 years in the US Air Force before she became a lawyer.

If you’re a veteran—or your spouse is veteran who needs help with a disability—call us.

Our benefits lawyers work hard so our clients will say, “Helping me, that’s HNB.”

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    How to Prove Your Veterans’ Disability Compensation Rating Should Be Higher

    These are the keys to convincing the VA that you deserve a higher disability rating—and the higher level of disability compensation that comes with it:

    • Medical evidence showing the severity of your condition
    • A record of active treatment for your ailments
    • Evidence that your health problems were connected to your service

    An experienced veterans’ benefits lawyer can take care of gathering the medical records you need, and filing the appeals you need, to get the level of benefits you deserve.
    A 100 percent disability rating can qualify you for more than $3,000 in monthly income.

    Sometimes, you can also qualify for a higher rate of disability compensation even without a 100 percent disability rating if your service-connected disability leaves you unable to work.

    In that case, you could qualify for Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) status.

    The VA rating system is confusing, using a complicated formula instead of simple addition to combine all of your medical problems into one rating.

    You’ve got other things to do besides trying to solve this puzzle.

    HNB’s benefits lawyers can begin helping you by evaluating your case for free.

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    Stephanie: As a veteran and a lawyer…I’m proud to help those who served. If you experienced an assault on active duty, we want to help.

    Rob: If you’ve a service-related condition, or any Gulf War illness, let HNB try to maximize your rating.

    Mike: And if exposed to Agent Orange or Camp Lejeune contaminated water, let HNB help you.

    Announcer: Helping me, that’s HNB. Call 888-66-GET HNB. Horenstein Nicholson and Blumenthal. There’s no fee unless you win.

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    How HNB Benefits Lawyers Help Veterans with Disabilities

    If you’re not getting what you should from the VA, these are some of the steps HNB takes to fix it:

    • Advising you on getting medical treatment you need
    • Organizing your medical records
    • Finding doctors who understand how to fill out the VA’s Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ)
    • Ordering a medical review of your case file
    • Appealing for a higher disability compensation rating from the VA

    We also handle veterans’ disability appeals, taking them to the highest level needed:

    • Your VA Regional Office (RO)
    • The Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA)
    • US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

    If you’re not able to work, you also could apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Social Security Disability can be extremely hard to get, but your high rating from the VA could help.

    The two agencies don’t have to follow each other’s decisions about your health condition, but they do look at what the other one said.

    And lawyers from HNB can help you with both.

    Whether you served in Vietnam, the Gulf Wars, or any other part of the world, give us a call.

    Our way of thanking you for your service is to maximize every form of financial support available to you.

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    For our Ohio military veterans, HNB’s veterans’ disability lawyers handle the leg work of getting you fair benefits.

    How HNB Helps Me: More about Veterans’ Disability

    The veterans’ disability system can be so confusing that part of your lawyer’s job is helping you understand what’s going on. At HNB, we want to be a resource for you. Here, you can dig deeper on these topics:

    Hear from HNB Clients:

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