Keep Your Fight for Benefits Alive

Just because Social Security sent you a denial letter, it doesn’t mean your case is over.

Most people get denied. You can appeal the decision.

You still have a chance to win the Social Security Disability (SSD)  benefits you need to stabilize your life.

It’s important to know, though, that you need to move fast.

Urgent! After you receive your denial letter, you have 60 days to start your appeal. Don’t miss the deadline.

Your application was exhausting enough. Appealing is even more involved. Social Security has its own separate legal system for deciding disability cases.

Take the pressure off yourself by working with the SSD lawyers at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal.

Our disability attorneys have helped thousands of people in Ohio win disability benefits for over 40 years.

All you need to know is this: “Helping me, that’s HNB.”

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    Your Opportunities to Appeal Your Claim

    When you’re denied Social Security Disability benefits in Ohio, you have several chances to argue for a reversal of the decision:

    • Reconsideration: In this step, you can get someone new at Social Security to review your application and ask them to overturn the first decision that denied your benefits.
    • Administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing:If reconsideration doesn’t change your result, you can go to a hearing with a disability judge. This is an important chance to argue your case in person. Your hearing may be where you have the best odds of being awarded benefits.
    • Appeals Council review:If the judge denies your benefits, you can ask a group at Social Security called the Appeals Council to review the judge’s decision. You’ll file arguments about why you think the judge made a mistake. The Council could send your claim back to the judge for a new hearing.
    • Federal court review:If the Appeals Council declines to overturn the judge or order a new hearing, your last step is filing a lawsuit against Social Security in federal court. You’ll send materials to the federal judge arguing that the Social Security system made a legal error. The judge could send your case back for another hearing, deny your claim or award you benefits.

    When you’re fighting a disability denial, it’s important to get experienced legal representation. Appeals are complicated and difficult. Don’t face it alone.

    In fact, a US Government Accountability Office report found people are nearly three times more likely to be awarded benefits after their disability hearings if they have a representative with them.

    A disability attorney from HNB Law can help you understand your options for appealing a denial or reapplying for benefits. We’ll provide an initial evaluation of your claim for free.

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    Stephanie: Most people are denied Social Security disability and SSI. What can help you win benefits?

    Mike: A law firm that helps you apply, to start out right. If denied, a law firm that files appeals in federal court.

    Rob: A lawyer who gets you ready for your hearing with the judge. A lawyer who listens and understands you.

    Fred: Not every law firm does all that. Let HNB help you.

    Announcer: Helping me, that’s HNB. Call 888-66-GET HNB. Horenstein Nicholson and Blumenthal.

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    An SSD Lawyer Supports You In Your Hearing

    Going to see a judge can be scary. But some lawyers might not even meet you in person until the day of your hearing.

    That’s not how HNB operates. We’re here to make sure you have a friend—and a fighter—throughout this process.

    Not only will your chances of success improve, you’ll feel more comfortable.

    • Analyze your Social Security file
    • Prepare a legal strategy for you
    • Update the medical evidence in your file
    • Prepare you to testify in front of the judge
    • Explain your legal arguments to the judge
    • Question witnesses who testify for you
    • Question medical or vocational experts Social Security might ask to testify about you

    When you’ve got a hearing coming up, HNB lawyers will do all of this:

    This is about more than winning benefits. It’s about easing your money stress so you can focus on your health and getting the most out of life. Let HNB help you.

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    A couple sits at a round table talking to a woman in suit. With an attorney from HNB, you’ve got strong support for your disability hearing.

    With an attorney from HNB, you’ve got strong support for your disability hearing.