Is Rheumatoid Arthritis a Disability Covered By Social Security in Ohio?

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Financial Relief Available for People with RA

You know a lot of people deal with rheumatoid arthritis (RA)—Yale Medicine estimated 1.5 million people in the United States. But is rheumatoid arthritis a disability that can qualify you for economic assistance?

If your RA has advanced to a stage where you cannot function in a job, then yes, you could get Social Security Disability benefits.

Benefits provide monthly income support, access to Medicare health coverage even when you’re not retirement age, and the chance to rest easier about your bills and take better care of your health.

While Social Security recognizes rheumatoid arthritis as a form of inflammatory arthritis that qualifies for disability benefits, it’s tricky because many people continue working while living with it.

You’ll have to prove to Social Security that your particular case of RA—your level of pain, swelling, stiffness, exhaustion—makes working impossible.

The Ohio Social Security Disability lawyers at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal know what you’ll need for your rheumatoid arthritis disability claim, so you don’t have to figure this out in the dark.

Our disability attorneys have helped thousands of people, securing millions in benefits for hard-working Ohioans.

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    What Does A Qualifying Case of Rheumatoid Arthritis Look Like?

    Social Security accepts RA as a condition that can qualify for disability benefits, as it does with other diseases where the immune system attacks body tissues, like fibromyalgia and lupus, and other inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis.

    Because it recognizes RA, Social Security provides tips on the nature of rheumatoid arthritis cases it will approve. Your case could include:

    • Inflammation of major joints in your arms and legs
    • Disfigurement of major joints in your arms and legs
    • Inability to use one or both arms for work-related tasks
    • Severe stiffness in your spine
    • Need for a walker, cane, crutches or wheelchair
    • Severe fatigue or malaise
    • Fever
    • Unplanned weight loss
    • Impact on other body areas, like lungs, heart or eyes
    • Limits on your daily functioning
    • Difficulty maintaining social connections
    • Difficulty completing tasks

    You’ll need to document every symptom of rheumatoid arthritis with medical reports, statements from people who know you and more evidence.

    While you’ll also tell your personal story of what you’re going through as part of your disability application, that alone isn’t enough for a successful Social Security Disability claim.

    Social Security denies most people who apply for disability benefits.

    You’ll need independent sources (doctors, family and friends) to back up the fact that your rheumatoid arthritis is severe and hindering your life to the point that you can’t work.

    Talk to the HNB disability lawyers in Ohio for a free evaluation of your situation. And if you work with us to seek your benefits, you’ll pay no attorney fee until you win.

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    The Reports You’ll Need to Win Social Security Disability for Rheumatoid Arthritis

    These are the kinds of evidence that can go into a strong claim for disability benefits for rheumatoid arthritis:

    • Documents showing your diagnosis of RA
    • Physical exam reports
    • Laboratory test results
    • Reports from health care providers describing your symptoms
    • Medical history documentation
    • Medical imaging of your joints or extremities
    • Tissue biopsies

    You’ll also need to submit non-medical information that can inform your case, such as your educational background, work history, age, and details of the demands of your past work.

    Social Security will look at your physical limitations in the context of what kinds of work your skills and experience would otherwise allow you to do.

    They put a lot of pressure on your to prove you really need benefits. HNB disability attorneys pick up this burden for you.

    We have offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton, and we help people all over Ohio.

    When rheumatoid arthritis leaves you struggling, let us help you get the financial relief you need to move forward to a fuller life.

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