Financial Relief for an Invisible Disease

Unlike other diseases, lupus is invisible. You may look fine on the outside. On the inside, you’re in pain.

When you wake up, you’re fatigued. You can’t participate in your favorite activities. Or even work. Since your lupus is chronic, you’ll be dealing with your symptoms for the long term.

For the financial fallout, there is some relief.

Social Security Disability provides monthly checks. They help you cover your expenses and feel more stable.

But many people who apply for benefits are denied the first time. Perhaps they didn’t fill out the paperwork correctly, or they didn’t provide sufficient proof of their lupus. Maybe it’s just that the Social Security Administration (SSA) process is tough.

If you’ve been denied, or you need to apply in the first place, there is hope: Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal (HNB Law) can assist you with your application or appeal.

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    Proving You Have Debilitating Lupus

    It’s not enough to just have lupus in order for your disability application to go through. You know how hard it is to explain this disease to other people. For Social Security Disability, you have to prove that your case reaches a certain level of severity.

    This is what you must show:

    • Your symptoms are so bad that you cannot work
    • That means being unable to continue in your current job, or switch to a new one
    • Your condition must be expected to last at least a year

    To prove this, you need to document that you are experiencing at least two of these symptoms:

    • Major fatigue
    • Severe malaise
    • Involuntary weight loss
    • Debilitating fever

    You are also required to demonstrate how lupus is taking a negative toll on at least two of your organs or body systems.

    You have another option: You can show that you are unable to function because you have at least two of the symptoms to a degree that makes working impossible, and you:

    • Have to limit your daily activities
    • Are unable to function normally in social situations
    • Can’t finish your duties because you can’t concentrate, stay on task or keep up

    One of the first questions many people have when they can’t work because of serious health problems is whether they have a good case for benefits.

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    Getting the Disability Benefits You Deserve for Lupus

    Simply telling the SSA that you have lupus symptoms and you’re going through a difficult time isn’t enough. You’ll need to gather the following evidence:

    • A list of medications you are currently taking and what they do
    • Medical records from a lupus specialist or a rheumatologist
    • Test results that show you have complications from lupus
    • A record of symptoms you’re experiencing
    • Test results that show your symptoms aren’t caused by another illness

    It’s a lot of legwork. It can be too much, especially when lupus already leaves you feeling run down.

    HNB is here to lighten your burden, and guide you through the process.

    You’d rather work, any day. Right now, you have to focus on treating your lupus and feeling the best that you can.

    Not having to worry so much about money is the break you need.

    Our Ohio disability lawyers can help.

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