Fight Back When Your Employer Treats You Wrong

When you’re treated unfairly at work—disciplined for suspicious reasons, skipped for promotions, denied raises—you might wonder: “Can my boss get away with this?”

Not necessarily.

As an employee, you have rights under the law and ways to get justice for what happened to you.

If you work with an employment lawyer, this is some of what you could accomplish:

  • A monetary settlement for the financial damage they inflicted
  • Reinstatement to your job
  • A fix for problems in your workplace

When an employer violates your trust, the employment lawyers at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal fight to get you what’s fair.
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    How to Pursue an Employment Law Claim

    When you’ve got a serious dispute with your employer or a potential employer, your complaint can go through three phases:

    1. Negotiating a settlement with the employer: After a disciplinary action, termination or other bad treatment by an employer, an attorney can often negotiate for much more settlement money than you might receive without representation.
    2. Filing a complaint with regulatory agencies like the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  or the Ohio Civil Rights Commission
    3. Filing a lawsuit in state or federal court.

    At every step, an experienced employment lawyer can help you get the best result so you can move on from a disturbing situation at work.

    At HNB Law, you can get started with an evaluation of your case FOR FREE.

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    Rob: Your boss has a lot of power. But some things your boss can’t do. You can’t be discriminated against because of your race, gender, health, pregnancy or military obligations…

    Fred: …or be punished for filing a Workers Comp claim.

    Stephanie: …or be sexually assaulted or sexually harassed.

    Fred: You can’t be cheated out of overtime pay.

    Mike: If you’ve been treated unfairly, let HNB help you.

    Announcer: Helping me, that’s HNB. Call 888-66-GET HNB. Horenstein Nicholson and Blumenthal.

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    How You Know When You Have an Employment Law Claim

    Sometimes it feels like employers can do anything and workers have no power. But the truth is, if employers break certain laws, you can make them pay for it.

    Any of these situations could give you a case:

    You don’t have to just accept it when any of this painful mistreatment happens to you. You can call an employment attorney at our law firm to set things right.

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    Attorney Fred Sommer meets with workers’ compensation client Brian Styx.

    When you’re trying to determine whether you have an employment law claim or other legal avenues to handle hardships, the Ohio employment lawyers at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal lawyers can help.

    How HNB Helps Me: More about Employment Law

    When you need a lawyer, it means you’re dealing with something complicated. It takes a lot of thought and information to choose the right lawyer. At HNB, we want to be a resource to help you understand your case.

    Here, you can dig deeper on these topics:

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