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    If you need a lawyer because you’ve experienced bad treatment at work, we know this is a troubling and complicated time in your life. You have a lot of questions.

    The Ohio employment law attorneys at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal want to be a resource to help you understand your rights and the compensation you can receive to address the unfairness you’ve suffered.

    To make your legal process as easy as possible, below we provide answers to common questions about workplace discrimination and wrongful termination.

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    What situations might give me an employment law case?

    You could make a legal claim against your employer if you face any of these problems:

    How does the law protect me from workplace discrimination?

    It’s against the law for an employer to discriminate against you in the workplace for any of these and other reasons:

    Because Ohio’s an at-will employment state, doesn’t that mean my employer can fire me for any reason without consequences?

    Not entirely. Your employer doesn’t have to give a reason for your dismissal. Or they could have a reason that seems silly or you disagree with. But if they break the federal Civil Rights Act or Ohio laws on discrimination when they let you go, they could face legal action for wrongful termination.

    Do I Need Proof Of Sexual Harassment In Order To Have A Successful Case?

    In sexual harassment cases, you don’t always need someone to witness what happened. As long as your account of the incident is credible in its details and context, you could have a strong case.

    If I’ve Experienced Workplace Discrimination Or Wrongful Termination, How Do I Go About Making A Legal Complaint?

    Your legal case potentially has three steps: 1) Negotiating a settlement with your employer, 2) Filing complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, and 3) Filing a lawsuit in state or federal court.

    What Can I Get Out Of Making A Workplace Discrimination Or Wrongful Termination Claim?

    In employment law cases, you could receive monetary payment for the mistreatment you suffered, including lost wages and compensation for emotional distress. You also could win reinstatement to your job. Or your case could help bring about improvements in conditions at your workplace.

    If I Leave For An Extended Military Deployment, Does My Employer Have To Hold My Job For Me?

    Yes. Members of the armed forces sometimes don’t realize that your employer must hold an equivalent job for when you get back. You shouldn’t have to quit and find another job when you return.

    Do I Really Need A Lawyer To Negotiate A Workplace Problem Or Firing?

    Having a lawyer helps ensure that you protect all of your rights and that you maintain personal distance from a professional issue that can be emotional. And often, a lawyer can get you much higher monetary settlements and other forms of relief that you might not be able to secure on your own.

    Your Ally in Workplace Struggles

    When you’re facing discrimination, harassment, wage theft or wrongful termination, you don’t have to feel powerless against your employer.

    An experienced employment lawyer can help you secure a better future. HNB helps every day, hard-working people, not big companies and employers.

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