Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Rights

After a wreck, it’s difficult to process what just happened.

Are you hurt? How damaged is your car? What about the other person?

Try to be calm. What you do right after a car accident can be crucial to your future. You may have a lot at stake: What if I can’t work for a while, or ever? How can I recover from this financial hit?

At Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal, we help Ohioans deal with these situations all the time. Read below for our tips on the right actions to take after a crash.

Because if you’ve been injured in a car wreck due to another party’s negligence, you could be eligible for monetary compensation from a personal injury claim. It’s what you deserve to get your life back to normal after such a traumatic event.

Our Dayton law firm takes pride in helping people across Ohio get all the available payment after car accidents. We’ll fight the insurance company for you and make sure your rights are protected.

That’s why they say, “Helping me, that’s HNB.”

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    The Four Steps You Should Take after an Accident

    If you’ve just been in a wreck, here’s what you should do first:

    • Seek medical attention immediately, even if you feel OK. Aches and pains often show up in the hours or days later.
    • Photograph the scene of the accident if you can.
    • Get contact information for any witnesses.
    • Make a decision about hiring an attorney and seeking further medical care.

    Beware of attorneys who contact you first. They won’t have your best interests at heart. Instead, make sure you seek out and select a law firm you want.

    It can be easy to just accept whatever help comes your way quickly—from lawyers who find you or insurance companies—so you can start putting this painful experience behind you.

    But it might not be best for your future.

    At HNB Law, you’ll never be another case number to us. Our mission is to help people in Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland and all over Ohio when they’re facing tough events.

    Let us help you today. We’ll even evaluate your case at no charge to you.

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    Don’t Fall for the Insurance Company’s Tricks

    After a car accident, the insurance company may seek you out and try to act like the good guy. They’ll offer you a quick settlement, claiming they want to help you fix this whole situation as fast as possible.

    Don’t fall for it.

    The truth? They’re only concerned about their bottom line. They want to pay you the smallest amount possible and move on.

    You deserve better.

    We know the insurance company’s tactics and know how to fight them. We’ll make sure you get the maximum compensation possible.

    Most of these cases are settled before going to trial. But if we have to go to court to get you what you deserve, we’ll do what it takes.

    Get in touch with us today to start taking back control of your life.

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