How Much Does a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Cost?

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Getting Support in a Financially Tough Time

When you were hurt at work and now you can’t work, you’re dealing with pain both physical and financial.

Workers’ compensation benefits, with payment for lost wages and medical treatment, can relieve the stress about money, letting you focus on recovery.

But if your employer and the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation aren’t making the process easy for you, workers’ comp quickly gets intimidating. It’s an entirely separate legal system with its own rules, steps and deadlines.

An experienced attorney, like those you’ll find at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal, can help you through this struggle.

But you’re worried enough about money. How much does a workers’ comp lawyer cost?

It’s important to know that you don’t have to risk anything up front to get an attorney from HNB. You only pay an attorney’s fee after you get a favorable result from your claim.

If you call our law firm, we can give you a better idea of how your particular case will look before you commit to anything.

In the end, we want you to say “Helping me, that’s HNB.”

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    How Your Workers’ Comp Lawyer Gets Paid

    This is how attorney payments work when you get HNB to help you with workers’ comp:

    • You pay on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t pay until you receive benefits or a settlement.
    • Typically, the fee will be based on a portion of the monetary reward, settlement or back pay that you win.
    • Every case is different, so you’ll need to talk to someone to get specifics about how your case will work.

    You probably want more details about what your claim will cost. Here’s good news: you never have to pay anything to get an initial evaluation of your case from HNB.

    Our first case consultation, which can give you a better idea of what costs to expect, is always free.

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    You don’t pay Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal attorneys until you receive benefits.

    What To Do First When You’re Hurt at Work

    To protect your rights and future access to benefits after an injury on the job, it’s important to take certain steps:

    • Report your injury or illness to your supervisor right away.
    • Complete a written report and get a copy.
    • Get medical treatment as soon as possible.
    • Tell the doctor every detail of what happened when you got hurt.
    • Make sure your workers’ comp claim gets filed. You, your employer or your doctor can do it.
    • Get an experienced workers’ comp attorney.

    Sometimes, your employer might offer to pay you directly for your medical treatment after your injury. When you’re worried about making ends meet, this seems like a fast, tempting offer.

    But watch out.

    The only way to protect all your rights—including long-term help if you need it—is by going through the proper channels of filing a workers’ comp claim.

    Your lawyer can do several things for you, including making sure forms get filed properly, deadlines get met, and your claim is handled correctly so a mistake doesn’t threaten or delay the benefits you deserve.

    Rather than face this process alone, you can bring in someone who deals with workers’ comp every day—freeing you to reclaim your life after a disaster on the job.

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