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When an injury on the job abruptly stopped the life you knew—leaving you with pain, medical bills, financial worries and a lot of questions—you deserve answers.

The Ohio workers’ compensation attorneys at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal want to be a resource to help you understand your situation and get you through this difficult time.

To make things as easy as possible, below we provide answers to common questions about workers’ comp.

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    Am I covered by workers’ comp?

    In Ohio, most employees are entitled to workers’ comp when they’re hurt on the job. Employers get their coverage through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation or through self-insurance.

    How do I know what to expect from my workers’ comp claim?

    You can get a lawyer from HNB to evaluate your situation and let you know your options for free.

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    How do I start my claim?

    Tell your employer as soon as you know you were hurt at work. And get medical treatment. You, your employer or your doctor can file your claim. Make sure that happens. And get your own copy of the injury report.

    What workers’ comp benefits should I get?

    You could receive any of these benefits:

    • Payment for some of your lost wages
    • Medical costs covered
    • Job reorientation
    • Compensation for a decline in earning power
    • Permanent partial disability payments for long-term injuries
    • Permanent total disability

    Sometimes your employer doesn’t want you to know everything you could get. An attorney from the HNB law firm can fight to get you the maximum possible benefits.

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    What kinds of injuries qualify for benefits?

    Any kind of injury to any part of your body can qualify for workers’ comp as long as the injury took place at work. You can also get benefits for illnesses that built up over time because of conditions at work.

    What should I tell the doctor about my injury?

    You need to tell your medical provider every detail you can think of about your injury itself and everything that happened leading up to it. Having complete information in your record early is important for winning the maximum benefits available to you. It can be hard to go back later and change your information.

    What types of jobs qualify for workers’ comp?

    You can work in just about any industry and any job and qualify for workers’ comp when you’re injured on the job. At HNB, we serve people from many industries who need help with their claims, including manufacturing, health care, transportation, warehouses and government.

    What if my claim gets rejected?

    If you’re denied workers’ comp benefits, you can appeal the decision. Your best option may be to get an experienced attorney who can argue your case in a hearing with the Ohio Industrial Commission.

    What Is the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation?

    The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) oversees workers’ comp insurance. Workers’ comp is the state-run program that provides economic support when you’re hurt on the job.

    So after a workplace injury, you will encounter the BWC. You’ll file your claim for benefits with them. If you’re denied benefits, your next step would be appealing the decision by the BWC.

    The system can be much easier to deal with if you have a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer to negotiate with the bureau and help ensure you get the support you need to stabilize your life.

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    How long does it take to get benefits?

    Benefits usually begin in a month or less, but if your employer or the BWC denies your claim, it can take months or as long as a year to resolve your case.

    Do I need a workers’ comp lawyer?

    Your employer might say you don’t need a lawyer. They’ll say you can fill out the forms yourself and trust them to process your claim. Sometimes employers might offer you money in place of filing an official workers’ comp claim.

    But you could be much better off with a lawyer. An attorney like the ones at HNB can make sure you receive everything you deserve. An attorney can help you avoid mistakes that threaten your benefits later. An attorney protects your rights. The only way to fully protect yourself is to file a claim.

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    What does it cost to get a workers’ comp lawyer?

    At our law firm, you don’t pay anything to get a lawyer started on your claim. You only pay an attorney’s fee when you win benefits or a settlement. The amount of the fee depends on the specifics of your claim, but it typically comes from a portion of your settlement.

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    When you’re dealing with health problems and financial fears after an injury at work, you shouldn’t have to struggle alone. Having a lawyer by your side can help you secure a better future. This is the mission of HNB.

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