What Does the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Do?

Dealing with the BWC? Get Someone to Stand Up for You.

Getting injured on the job comes with medical bills, lost work time, and disruption to your life. Workers’ compensation benefits help you get through this setback and into a stronger situation.

Now is when you’ll run into the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC).

It’s part of state government. It provides workers’ compensation insurance in Ohio. The BWC itself says it’s one of the largest state-run insurance programs in the country.

When you’re hurt at work in Ohio, you’ll file your workers’ comp claim with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. And if you’re denied benefits, it’s the bureau that denies you.

Like every state, Ohio has its own laws covering injured worker benefits. It’s an entire legal system of its own. You can get a workers’ compensation lawyer to help you navigate it, and deal with the bureau.

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    The Workers’ Compensation Bureau in Ohio & You

    Here’s how you encounter the Workers’ Compensation Bureau in Ohio:

    • After an accident and injury at work, you’ll file a claim with the bureau (or your lawyer or employer will), online, by mail or over the phone
    • The BWC should send you a confirmation letter and ID card for your workers’ comp case.
    • A claims specialist at the BWC reviews your claim and issues a decision on whether you get benefits or not.

    If you’re approved, the bureau will oversee your benefits while you receive them.

    If the BWC denies your benefits, you can appeal the decision to another group in state government—the Ohio Industrial Commission.

    The commission is separate from the bureau. It handles disagreements between you, the bureau and your employer.

    You may need to go to a hearing at the Industrial Commission. This is a smaller, less formal version of a court hearing. A hearing officer listens to everyone’s arguments and evidence about whether you should, or should not, be awarded workers’ comp benefits.

    It’s best not to go through this alone. And you don’t have to. Get an Ohio workers’ compensation attorney to be your guide and make sure your rights as an injured worker—as spelled out in Ohio law—are respected and protected.

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    With Ohio Workers’ Comp, Don’t Take Chances

    The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation can be like any other insurer by denying your benefits, or awarding a smaller amount than you should receive. All to save itself money.

    But there are many good reasons to fight for the maximum possible workers’ comp benefits after a workplace injury leaves you uncertain about your way forward.

    Workers’ comp can mean the difference between having a financial crisis after a life-altering work injury and preserving your stability.

    Workers’ comp provides:

    • Payment for some of the income you miss when you can’t work due to your injury
    • Coverage for the medical care you need because of your injury
    • A supplement to your income if you can work but can’t earn what you did before
    • Assistance finding your way back into the workforce when you’re ready
    • Long-term or lifelong benefits if your injuries leave permanent damage to your health

    Don’t let benefits like these get away from you.

    The Ohio workers’ comp lawyers at HNB work with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation every day and know how to make a successful workers’ comp claim or appeal.

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