Work Injuries: What to Tell Your Medical Provider

Getting Your Workers’ Comp Claim Right the First Time

An injury on the job has disrupted your life.

Workers’ compensation benefits—including payment for lost wages and medical treatment—could be just what you need to regain your sense of stability and peace.

But getting benefits isn’t as easy as it should be.

People in the workers’ comp system—including employers, doctors for the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC), claims specialists, and others—will scrutinize your files, looking for problems that might disqualify you from getting benefits.

So you need to carefully describe everything about your injury to your medical provider from the beginning. This can be hard when you’re in pain. But it can also be hard to go back and change your information later.

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    Make Sure Your Doctor Knows These Facts

    Here’s a checklist of information you need to tell your doctor so they get a full picture of your condition:

    • Every detail of how the injury happened: The first information you give your doctor often carries more weight than later information you share. So be thorough. If you have another injury, for example, this information could lead to a decision that the new injury is an extension of your workers’ comp claim—or that the new injury cancels your claim.
    • Every body part that was affected in any way: Your first impulse may be to focus on your biggest problems. Don’t leave out less severe effects on other parts of your body. They could become a bigger issue.
    • What you were doing before the pain started: It often takes several minutes after a strain or a day after heavy lifting for pain to begin. Tell your medical provider all your activity leading up to it.
    • What has changed about a pre-existing condition: Employers can use conditions you had previously to argue the injury wasn’t work-related. Explain how your symptoms changed after you were hurt at work.
    • How a newer injury affects you: When you’re already receiving benefits and you suffer a new injury outside work, the BWC and Ohio Industrial Commission have an opening to say your work injury is no longer the problem. Show them how the new injury aggravated your condition.

    One of the best ways to make sure you get everything right with your workers’ comp claim is to work with an experienced attorney.

    You can start with the HNB law firm by getting an evaluation of your claim for free.

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    After you’re hurt at work, tell your doctor everything you can about your injuries.

    Make Sure Your Forms Are Filed Correctly

    Reports from the physician or another provider are crucial to your claim.

    But doctors are often rushed and don’t take careful notes. That leaves it up to you to make sure they hear your story and write it down.

    Start by carefully completing your own paperwork.

    Here are two major forms to watch out for:

    • Patient intake forms: When the medical clinic has you fill out an initial form, take it seriously. Don’t skimp on details of your injury. 
    • Workers’ comp FROI (First Report of Injury) form: This is your workers’ comp application in Ohio. Your medical provider, employer, or managed care organization (MCO) may hand you this. They could use this form against you if you don’t give a full description of your injury.

    Never let your employer or a medical provider intimidate you into signing a form that you know doesn’t provide a true picture of your injury.

    At the same time, never conceal key information. And never exaggerate or fake symptoms. Doctors can easily tell if you’re overstating problems, throwing your claim into question.

    You can avoid mistakes—and get the financial assistance you need to move forward with your life—by working with an attorney.

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