Why Did My Bank Refuse My Mortgage Payment?

You paid your mortgage. Or tried to. But the bank refused your payment or sent it back.

What’s going on?

They’re probably planning to foreclose on your home.

A missed payment months ago may have caused your mortgage to get more and more off track over time. Or perhaps the bank made a mistake in applying one or more of your payments.

It’s a mess. And it threatens to turn your life upside down.

Don’t hesitate to get a foreclosure defense attorney from the Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal law firm to protect your rights so you can end the confusion and move on with your life.

When your home is suddenly under threat, you have options to fight back.

Our law firm doesn’t represent banks. We represent Ohio homeowners.

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How Did My Mortgage Payments Get So Messed Up?

Homeowners are often surprised when they get notice of a mortgage payment refusal.

If the mortgage company doesn’t think your payment will bring your account current, it doesn’t have to accept your money.

But maybe you’ve been paying your mortgage on time for months. The problem might have started with a missed payment long ago.

Here’s how it happens:

  1. You miss a payment in January.
  2. You make the next payment in February.
  3. But the bank treats your February payment as a late payment for January.
  4. The bank charges you late fees.
  5. Then in March, it considers your payment late for the previous month and charges late fees again.
  6. This keeps going. The late fees add up.
  7. When the late fees equal one or two months of payments, the bank decides you’re not going to get up to date.
  8. Once your account is 120 days delinquent, they can start foreclosure.

The 120-day rule is the reason you’ve been sending payments but not hearing from your bank that anything was wrong. They can only take action against you when you reach 120 days with a problem in your account.

You may still be able to fix this. It just isn’t easy. Foreclosure defense is a highly specific area of the law. You want an attorney who knows what to do in cases like this.

You can get the HNB legal team to evaluate your situation—and give you an idea of your options—for free.

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A man smiles as he holds a pen over paperwork at a table in a bright room. You can get help understanding how your mortgage payments got off track.

You can get help understanding how your mortgage payments got off track.

What Can You Do after a Mortgage Payment Refusal?

When your mortgage has gotten tangled, you can look for an error by the bank to stop a foreclosure.

Or you can seek a loan modification to adjust your payments going forward.

If your problem is more complicated than the damage from one missed payment, these are more options for confronting a foreclosure:

A foreclosure attorney knows how to find mistakes by the bank, how to guide you through the sometimes lengthy loan modification process, and how to weigh all of your options.

Having your mortgage lender turn against you is intimidating. You don’t have to go through this alone.

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A professional explains paperwork to a man at a table in a bright room. Get HNB to help you find the best option for fixing the problem that prompted your mortgage payment refusal.

Get HNB to help you find the best option for fixing the problem that prompted your mortgage payment refusal.

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