What Does It Cost for a Lawyer to Help Get Social Security Disability in OH?

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If you need Social Security Disability benefits, it means health problems are pushing you down, you can’t work, and you need financial assistance.

Does this seem like a time when you can afford a lawyer?

Thankfully, it may be easier than you think to get access to legal help for a disability benefits claim.

The Social Security Administration (SSA), and the disability lawyers who help people deal with Social Security’s rules and steps, understand you’re facing a difficult time. So they came up with a plan to pay for the services of a lawyer.

This is how it works:

  • You PAY NO FEE UP FRONT while your lawyer works on your claim.
  • You only have to pay when you win benefits, not if you’re denied.
  • When you win benefits, your lawyer’s fee comes out of back benefits you receive to cover time that you waited for your approval.
  • Your lawyer’s fee doesn’t come out of your future monthly disability checks or your pocket.
  • Social Security also puts a cap on the amount of your back benefits that go to the lawyer.

Because the disability benefits process is complicated, and an overwhelming number of people get denied on the first try, everyone deserves help from a professional who knows the system and how to get through it.

These benefits can make a major difference in your life when you can’t work.

So get in touch with the Ohio disability attorneys at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal: “Helping Me, That’s HNB.”

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    Why Get a Disability Lawyer for Your Social Security Case in Ohio?

    You’re not required to have a lawyer to apply for Social Security Disability benefits in Ohio, or any state, but it can be the best decision to get one anyway.

    This is partly because of how difficult it has become to get approved for benefits.

    In a recent 10-year period, government numbers showed only 21 percent of people who filed for disability benefits were approved on the first attempt.

    That means a huge number, 79 percent, got turned down.

    The next step is to appeal the denial, which is a more complicated and legalistic process than applying for benefits. More people get approved after appealing, but it’s still a steep climb.

    If you have an experienced disability lawyer, you can get:

    • Someone to take the legwork off your shoulders
    • Someone to look out for you as you go through a process that can be cold and impersonal
    • Confidence that you’re not making a mistake that hurts your claim
    • Reassurance that someone capable is taking care of your claim
    • A better chance at winning benefits

    One government study found that people who had representatives with them when they went to their hearings with disability judges were almost three times more likely to win benefits.

    It doesn’t cost anything for a lawyer to start working on your case.

    Unlike other types of lawyers you may have heard about, you don’t have to pay just to talk to a lawyer or disability law firm about your claim.

    At HNB, we provide an initial consultation on your case at no charge.

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    What Does a Disability Lawyer Do for Your Case?

    This is the kind of work you get done under the fee arrangement where you only pay your disability attorney after you win benefits:

    • Help to correctly fill out multiple pages of Social Security Disability forms
    • Gathering of medical records and evidence that you need to support your claim for benefits
    • Preparation for a hearing with a Social Security Disability judge
    • Arranging for people who know you to give statements on your health problems and inability to work
    • Representation to help you answer questions and make your case in your hearing
    • Someone to ask questions of medical or vocational experts who testify about you
    • Legal knowledge of how to file appeals at higher levels

    The stakes are high when you’re going for Social Security Disability benefits.

    The monthly income and access to Medicare or Medicaid health coverage can help you hold on to stability, independence and dignity when you can’t work.

    After a health-related crisis, this can be your path to a better chapter in life.
    So don’t take chances with it.

    HNB disability lawyers have helped thousands of Ohioans win benefits.

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