You Have Options against Home Foreclosure

When the bank moves to foreclose on your home, it feels like it’s already too late.

Is there anything you can do to avoid being forced out and having your life turned upside down?

Yes, there is.

While you shouldn’t trust any lawyer who promises you can save your home without filing for bankruptcy, getting a notice of foreclosure also doesn’t mean your fight is over.

You have several possible options to hold on to your home and the life you’ve built.

The hard part is figuring out which option is right for you.

The foreclosure defense attorneys at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal can share methods you probably didn’t know existed.

Our law firm doesn’t represent big banks. We represent hard-working Ohio homeowners.

All you need to know is this: “Helping me, that’s HNB.”

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    Methods for Holding On to Your Home

    These are some of the ways you could keep your home even after falling behind on your mortgage and facing a foreclosure action from your lender:

    • Loan Modification: Sometimes you can get the lender to agree to new terms of your home loan, making it affordable for you to continue paying your mortgage. Get started soon, because loan modifications can be time-consuming.
    • Federal Claims: If your lender or mortgage servicer violated a federal law in their handling of your account, that could give you an opening to stop the foreclosure.
    • Bankruptcy: A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can end a foreclosure taken against you, but it can be expensive and damaging to your long-term credit.
    • Loan Reinstatement: Pay off your missed bills and get the lender to resume normal treatment of your mortgage.
    • Mortgage Servicer Errors: If the company that processes your mortgage payments made mistakes, even clerical errors, in crediting payments or imposing fees, you could use that to defend your home.
    • Mortgage Ownership Confusion:Because mortgages get bought and sold by different banks, that can create uncertainty about who owns your mortgage—which you can use to stop a foreclosure.
    • State Law Violations:Many states have their own laws to prevent wrongful foreclosures. Finding that a lender violated a state procedure can help you save your home.

    You can get the attorneys at HNB to look at your situation and give you an honest assessment of your choices. Our initial case review is free.

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    A man in a tie shows a woman in a suit information on a notebook at an office desk. You can explore several options for holding on to your home, even after a notice of foreclosure.

    You can explore several options for holding on to your home, even after a notice of foreclosure.

    More Ways to Put Foreclosure behind You

    For some people, holding on to the house isn’t the top priority when the bank moves to foreclose.

    If your house has gotten too expensive, it has maintenance issues you no longer want to deal with, or you just want a fresh start—you have more options.

    But you still want to get through the foreclosure with as little damage as possible to your financial future.

    Some plans allow you to walk away from your house without having to pay much more, such as these options:

    • Cash-for-keys agreements
    • A short sale
    • A deed in lieu of foreclosure

    Sometimes it’s less expensive for banks to agree to one of these approaches rather than simply shutting down your mortgage.

    Having your mortgage lender turn against you is scary. But you can fight back.

    You don’t have to juggle all these difficult choices and figure out everything on your own. Get support from HNB.

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    Get HNB to help you decide if your best move is to end your foreclosure by leaving your home