How Ohioans Come Back from Injuries with Help from the Right Lawyers

You’ve seen personal injury lawyer ads talking about the money they can get you after a car accident.

We talk about that on this website, too. It’s true that a personal injury claim, properly handled, can help you recover financially from a disastrous wreck and rebuild your life.

But what does a car accident lawyer do every day on your behalf?

The Ohio personal injury lawyers at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal prepared this page to give you a look into our work—and an understanding of what you gain by working with an attorney.

We’ve helped thousands of people in Ohio. And, yes, we’ve secured millions of dollars for injured people.

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a collision and need to get back to normal as much as possible, call us in Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland—and anywhere you live in Ohio.

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    What a Car Accident Lawyer Does to Protect Your Rights

    Recovering from an injury, you want to know someone capable is taking care of all the work that goes into your car accident case.

    Not only is it a burden for you to deal with the legwork yourself, but a person with experience knows best what to do.

    While you focus on rest and your own well-being, your car accident lawyer will be busy doing all of these things for you:

    • Making sure you’re getting all the medical care you need
    • Collecting statements from witnesses to the crash
    • Gathering the police reports
    • Finding other evidence to back up your claim
    • Negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company 
    • Accounting for all of your needs, such as long-term health care 
    • Reviewing settlement offers so you don’t get shortchanged 
    • Filing a lawsuit if you can’t agree with the other driver’s side 
    • Managing discovery—exchanging questions with the other party 
    • Staying by your side for sworn statements during depositions 
    • Taking your case to trial in a courtroom, if that’s what it takes 

    The HNB Ohio personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means they’ll do a lot of work for you without charging anything.

    You only pay your attorney when you win your case. The attorney fee comes from the settlement or award that you receive.

    It’s free to contact the HNB car accident law firm for an initial look at your situation, so you can make the best decisions to protect your rights.

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    How a Personal Injury LAWYER Helps You Reach a Better Financial Future

    Insurance companies may not tell you everything you’re entitled to receive after you’re injured in a wreck.

    Some forms of personal injury payment are easy to tally: initial medical bills, missed paychecks, property damage. Other forms are complicated to prove.

    Insurance adjusters will absolutely try to award as little as they can get away with. If you’ve got a strong team, including a skilled car wreck lawyer to push back, then they can’t get away with it.

    Consider this:

    • You might need health care follow-up for a long time, but this can be hard to predict. A good car accident lawyer won’t let it be ignored.
    • If you have permanent disabilities from your injuries, your lawyer will fight for special compensation.
    • If your permanent impairments lower your earning potential going forward, your lawyer makes sure this gets factored in, too.
    • You can win compensation for pain and suffering and life changes caused by the wreck. Putting a price on that is hard. Your lawyer knows what you can, and should, receive.
    • Insurance companies offer tempting settlements. You want to put this behind you, after all. Your lawyer gives you the strength to accept nothing less than the full amount you deserve.

    After a car accident disrupts your life, your personal injury claim is about more than reimbursement. It’s about fairness. And it’s about your financial future.

    Making the right moves now can give you a more secure life from now on.

    The experienced Ohio car accident lawyers at HNB are ready to help.

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