Veterans’ Disability Lawyer in Dayton, Ohio

Veterans in Dayton Can Get Backup Securing Financial Benefits

For military veterans whose time on duty left lasting health burdens, getting a 100 percent disability rating from the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) can be life-changing.

It can mean more than $3,000 in monthly benefits, providing the financial security your country owes you after so much that you did for your country.

But the VA doesn’t make it easy.

They could reject your veterans’ disability claim, or give you a lower disability rating—meaning lower benefits.

You can get support getting the full amount you need.

Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal law firm has veterans’ disability lawyers in Dayton who step up on your behalf.

Improving life for injured veterans is at the core of our mission: “Helping me, that’s HNB.”

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    What Dayton Veterans’ Disability Lawyers Can Do for You

    A Dayton VA disability lawyer can take care of gathering the evidence proving that your disability rating should be higher:

    • A veterans’ disability lawyer gathers medical records showing the severity of your health problems.
    • An experienced lawyer knows how to show the VA that your health problems started with your military service.

    Your veterans’ disability claim can mire you in legwork. You shouldn’t be left to deal with this on your own. You deserve support.

    A lawyer can relieve your burden by:

    • Ordering a medical review of your case file
    • Making sure the crucial VA Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) is properly filled out
    • File your appeal for a higher disability rating
    • Appeal your claim to the VA Regional Office (RO)
    • Take your claim to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA)
    • And, if needed, fight for you all the way to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims

    The formula the VA uses to decide how much you should receive in benefits just isn’t as simple and straightforward like it should be. It’s too confusing.

    For veterans in Dayton, you can find out more about what the disability lawyers at HNB could do for you by getting in touch with us for a FREE initial conversation about your situation.

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    Dayton VA Disability Lawyers Can Help with All Kinds of Challenges Veterans Face

    Veterans’ disability claims in Dayton come in all shapes and forms.

    Our veterans’ disability attorneys can handle cases involving all of these issues and more:

    Sometimes the leftover health effects from serving in the armed forces can also qualify you for other types of benefits besides VA disability.

    For example, if you can’t work because of your health problems, you could receive Social Security Disability benefits.

    HNB’s veterans’ disability lawyers in Dayton can help you with that, too. Social Security Disability is yet another huge, complicated government system with its own rules and steps.

    An experienced attorney can navigate both kinds of disability benefits for you.

    The Dayton VA disability lawyers at HNB do this work because it’s our way of supporting our Ohio neighbors and giving back to people who gave so much to us—our American veterans.

    Let’s go get the economic aid—and the more secure life—that you earned through your service.

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