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Find a Law Firm Dedicated to Helping You

When you’re up against an insurance company, employer or government agency during a difficult time in your life, you need someone to look out for you.

Someone who stands by everyday Ohioans facing injury, disability, job discrimination or other hardships.

Not every law firm is dedicated to helping individual people. But Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal is.

If you work with us on your case, you’ll see the difference as we fight for you to have a better future.

HNB Law was founded with the mission of serving our Ohio neighbors 40 years ago. Every lawyer who works here today remains committed to that mission

After working with us, we truly want you to say “Helping me, that’s HNB.”

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    How HNB Is Different

    You see a lot of law firms online and on TV. Here’s why you should choose HNB:

    • Service:We work hard to get the best results, but we also work hard to guide you through a complicated process. We’ll answer your questions and keep you informed.
    • Integrity: Generations of Ohioans have grown up with us, and we’re determined to maintain our reputation for honesty, integrity and friendly service to our clients. We believe in good citizenship, and we support local community organizations.
    • Mission:Our mission is to defend the rights of working people, people with disabilities and other people in need. We hate to see our clients suffering hardships.

    We don’t work for the government, insurance companies or large corporations. Instead, we e push back against them—for you.

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    HNB visitor Jacob Loeffelholz talks with attorney Rob Walter in the HNB offices. Our lawyers work hard to make your experience with the legal system easier.

    Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal lawyer Fred Sommer, right, stands up for individual people in need, like our workers’ compensation client Brian Syx.

    What It’s Like Working with HNB

    When you need a lawyer, it means you’re dealing with something stressful in your life. We make working with a lawyer a better experience:

    • Low Cost: We offer initial case consultations for free. For many types of cases we handle, you won’t pay an attorney fee until you win.
    • Experience: Our law firm has handled thousands of cases for over 40 years and secured $500 million in compensation for people in Ohio.
    • Accessibility:We’re centrally located in downtown Dayton, less than five minutes from I-75 and Route 35, in a building with ample parking nearby. But if needed, we’ll also come to you, or meet you on a Saturday.

    If you’re dealing with health problems that threaten your livelihood, mistreatment in the workplace, or another disruption to your life, let’s get started setting things right.

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    The attorneys at HNB Law have decades of combined experience helping people in Ohio with Social Security Disability, veterans’ disability, workers’ compensation, personal injury and other individual, personal matters.

    For our clients, our lawyers are listeners, advocates and fighters.

    They’re not interested in defending big companies or government agencies. They’re lawyers for real people.

    Learn more about them:

    The HNB legal team has helped thousands Ohioans secure more than $500 million in benefits and settlements for more than 40 years.

    Let us help you.

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    HNB visitor Jacob Loeffelholz talks with attorney Rob Walter in the HNB offices. Our lawyers work hard to make your experience with the legal system easier.

    Attorney Rob Walter, right, talks with a visitor in the HNB offices. Our lawyers work hard to make your experience with the legal system easier.

    Hear from HNB Clients:

    Adrien Kettler
    in Google Reviews

    “Their knowledge, dedication and diligence yielded success with my case. If you want professional representation and a firm that will fight for you, I highly recommend you contact Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal.”

    Charles Hurley
    in Google Reviews

    “I wish I could give Bruce Nicholson and his people 10 stars. . . . They really do stick up for the little guy.

    $500 MILLION