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If you got hurt at work, you should pursue every available resource to help you recover physically and financially.

Can you file a lawsuit to get payment for injuries or illnesses suffered on the job?

In most cases, no.

But in certain cases, suing might be an option.

What you can do—any time you’re hurt at work no matter the reason—is file for workers’ compensation benefits.

Get a workers’ compensation lawyer from Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal to look at all of your options.

You might be angry that someone’s unsafe behavior caused your on-the-job injury. It’s understandable.

At HNB, we don’t let your employer, an insurance company or the workers’ comp system push you aside. We work for workers, not companies.

We’re all about, “Helping me, that’s HNB.”

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    How Workers’ Comp Works vs. Suing

    The existence of workers’ comp benefits—which provide lost wages payments, medical costs and more is the reason you can’t sue in most job injury cases.

    Workers’ comp was created as a compromise between employees and employers: Employees get a reliable source of support when they’re hurt on the job, while employers avoid the cost and hassle of lawsuits.

    In workers’ comp, fault doesn’t exist as a legal concept.

    It doesn’t matter if you were hurt because of someone else’s actions or even your own mistake. You don’t have to prove someone was negligent. It only matters that when you got hurt or developed an occupational illness, it happened while you were working.

    It’s a very different approach from a lawsuit.

    In any type of case, you need someone experienced to analyze it. An initial case review from an HNB workers’ compensation attorney is FREE.



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    Fred: I’m Fred Sommer of HNB. 30 years later, my dad suffers from those injuries. I know what’s at stake in Workers’ Comp.

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    Situations Where You Can Sue Because of a Job Injury

    These are the two exceptions to the restriction against suing over a workplace injury:

    • Intentional Injury: This is when your employer purposely set out to hurt you and knew that their actions would cause harm. For that, you can sue. It’s hard to win, though, because it’s hard to prove what someone’s intentions were.
    • Injuries Caused by a Third Party: If someone other than your employer or a co-worker acted negligently, causing injury while you were working, you could have a personal injury claim. So you can sue if needed. For example: You were driving for your job and another driver hurt you in a car accident. If they were at fault, you could receive personal injury compensation on top of workers’ comp. Another example might be the manufacturer of faulty machinery that injured you when it malfunctioned.

    HNB has both workers’ compensation lawyers and personal injury lawyers who can help you recover everything owed to you after you were hurt while you were working.

    We want to see you get the support you need and back to normal life.

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